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Biography | Chourouk Hriech

Wednesday 24 January 2007

[English] [français]

French Artist, born 1977, of Moroccan descent, Chourouk Hriech, gets very early in to art practice (paintings, dance, performance). But after school, she nurtures dreams of becoming a specialist in sea archeology. Thereforeshe directs herself towards studies in history and art history at the University Lumiere of Lyon. But, in need of plastic practice or other, she decided to integrate the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Lyon. She then tried classical techniques : photography, video, through installation to get to drawing. After art diploma, it encounters the Villa St Clair in Sète, publishing house publishes "THE PINK BOOK", her first book of drawings. She then develops an aesthetics in 2D form, (sometimes using allso installations), radically monochrome or black and white. Throughout travels from one "territory" to another, in perpetual motion, it begins to make a personal topology. As mapping singular fictional and real, the world in which we live, sometimes close to the social-historic fresco. Abdellah Karroum (founder of the Appartement22 in Rabat and curator), in an interview for Mouvement.net with Karin Claeren, tells of her drawings, "they testify of the mood of the world." Indeed, during her various travels, Chourouk Hriech picks up graphics samples, cities of her time, defines herself as "designer, researcher of contemporary fictions", while trying to keep "a sense of extreme mobility, and to register, a voluntary nomadism signs and joints, meaning and devices. " Thus, "figurative spaces, the souks in urban landscapes, real or imagined, disparate architectures, or almost baroque cubists, they invite abstract patterns, incongruous characters (animals, matadors, or individuals without heads)." According to Sandrine Wymann, in "The Roots and Dreams", a text dedicated to the work of the artist, the drawings by Chourouk Hriech offer spaces "that invite viewer on one side, then the other, to look on a story, to imagine a present."
Mary Sabbah