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L’appartement 22,
279 avenue Mohamed V,
MA-10000 Rabat,
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What is L’appartement 22 space for art ?

Sunday 14 August 2016
L’appartement 22 is an independent space for art founded by curator Abdellah Karroum in Rabat in 2002. Most of L’appartement22’s projects are conceived specifically for the space, namely in the context of artists’ residencies that have been continuously developed since 2002. Exhibitions, publications and encounters are dedicated to the Generation 00* artists from Africa and all continents. L’appartement 22 was invited as a non-profit space in numerous encounters and festivals, such as MoMA New York conference on North Africa and Middle East (2006), SUD in Cameroun 2007, Marrakech Biennale and Freize Art Fair 2007, and Gwangju Biennale in Korea in 2008. After 5 years of existence, L’appartement22 has opened itself to new propositions and functions collectively and cooperatively, engaging with international curators and artists. L’appartement22’s new project: The Art Radio www.radioapartment22.com. The R22 radio program live from exhibition projects in Brussels, Dakar, Dubai, Gwangju, Marrakech, Medellin, Palermo, Cotonou and the Rif Mountain. Since 2011, L’appartement 22’s program is curated by members of the Curatorial Delegation (CD), using the physical space in Rabat as a meetings places while artistic projects are produced in places of exploration around the world. The initial exhibition space becomes a place for documentation, research and archive* on Generation 00, its issues and networks, and on L’appartement 22 projects since its creation.
Apartment 22, Rabat
* The content of this website and R22 radio is kept online as resource for future research and documentation. This live archive can serve as information when projects are active and as research material when projects evolved.

L’appartement 22 est situé au deuxième étage du 279 avenue Mohamed V à Rabat Pour accéder à L’appartement 22 : dans le hall du cinéma « le Colisée » prendre l’escalier gauche, monter au 2ème étage ou faites-vous guider.

Coordonnées GPS : Latitude 34,01742 nord, Longitude 6,84005 ouest.

Juan Gaitan, Hyunjin Kim, L'appartement 22 radio project, Tanger (...)