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Book | L’appartement 22 (2002-2008), by Abdellah Karroum

Monday 19 March 2012

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This book is the first historical narrative of the activities taking place at L’appartement 22* since it opened in October 2002. This publication is conceived as an assemblage of L’appartement 22’s archives, one that reveals the curatorial approach and the issues of the artworks and their contexts. The exhibitions and encounters, still active today, put L’appartement 22 in communication with the street. With this book, the author reveals his notes and photographs of the processes that preceded the exhibitions:
“The practice of encounters and exhibitions held at L’appartement 22 continues its curatorial research work and affirms the artworks. With the exhibition as artistic project, it is a question of Expression and not of Space.
L’appartement 22 exists because of what forms there and what emerges there. The artworks born at L’appartement 22 transformed this lodging into a space for art. They gave it the sense of this demand, of this production ethic. Over the years, the space has become lecture hall, museum hall, and a place for art encounters.
… The act of rethinking the exhibition as an expedition was the precedent for the existence of L’appartement 22’s physical space. Expeditions suggest an artistic perspective that moves beyond existing spaces; they create a situation that is not enclosed by different systems. In the Moroccan context, the experimental track of expeditions permits the production of artworks and dialogues with the audience in a space for independent communication, created by the artistic projects themselves.” (Excerpt from pages 3 and 5)

* www.appartement22.com

L’appartement 22 (2002-2008)
By Abdellah Karroum
Published by Editions hors’champs, Paris, 2009
French version, 264 pages, printed on recycled paper
ISBN: 2-914164-17-3

Price: Europe: 25 Euros; Morocco 200 DH